Scratch is a popular visual programming language that provides a fun and interactive way for individuals, particularly children, and beginners, to learn the basics of coding. Scratch's online community enables users to collaborate, share, and remix other projects. Users can create their own designing and building interactive projects. It provides a platform for visualization of maths concepts, animation, and game development, allowing individuals to express their ideas in a visually engaging manner. Students can apply Scratch to create projects related to subjects like mathematics, science, language arts, and social sciences.

This module creates for fraction addition using Judo cubes only for the Discrete method. Each cube is divided into equal parts, with two different colors representing different fractions.

Image 1 Image 1

By manipulating and combining these cubes, learners can visually explore and understand fraction addition. Use sprite or backdrop images to represent the cubes and divide them into equal parts based on the denominators of the fractions. Each part of the cube should have a different color to represent the numerator. With this concept of Judo Cubes, students can gain a deeper understanding of fraction addition.

Image 2

This interactive project provides an engaging and hands-on experience that facilitates comprehension and retention. By experimenting with Judo Cubes in Scratch, students can develop a solid foundation in fraction operations, paving the way for further mathematical exploration. Judo Cubes in Scratch